Good news, it just got easier to help the Hudson Armory Project! You can donate to the project, just by making your everyday purchases.

Use this link for your Amazon shopping:

If you visit that link before every time you shop Amazon, 0.5% of your purchase will go to the project.

However, what if you close your browser, or forget to use the link:

How can you make sure that your purchases always support the Hudson Armory Project?

If you want to make sure that the proceeds from your Amazon purchases go to Hudson Armory Project, you can do so, via the following steps:

1. Visit and log in with your account.

2. Go to Account & Lists, and click AmazonSmile.

3. Under “Your current charity”, click the button “change charity”.

4. Search for Hudson Cultural Alliance in the search bar, and click the yellow button Search.

5. Click the Select button next to Hudson Cultural Alliance Inc.

6. Under “Your current charity” and under “Every little bit counts”, it will confirm your current charity.

7. At any time that you are shopping on Amazon, you can double-check that your donations are going to the Hudson Armory Project, via the upper left hand tab “Supporting” which should show Hudson Cultural Alliance.

Thank you – We appreciate every effort!  As we continue to raise necessary funds, your tax-deductible donations and support are vital.

We are actively seeking donations and sponsorships. We hope our greater community will actively support our efforts, both through donations and spreading the word to family and friends – we need funding.  We urge EVERYONE who recognizes the great benefit to the community this project affords to make your support known.

Additional ways to support the Hudson Armory Project:

  • Donations and/or pledges are welcome right now! (Donate button below)
  • Like us on Facebook, comment and share!
  • Talk to friends and neighbors and family and bosses and local businesses and your bank to all participate in any way they can. Write letters of support to the Town and your State representatives. Help organize fundraisers. Send in any creative ideas to raise money. In short — become a friend of the HCA!



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