Board of Selectmen Meeting

Monday, February 24th, 2020

7pm, Town Hall

The Hudson Cultural Alliance is a Hudson-based non-profit built to enrich Hudson’s cultural economy. Our primary objective is the adaptive reuse of the Hudson Armory as a regional community arts center.

We are an all-volunteer organization funded by our board of directors and a small group of generous donors. We are actively fundraising for the acquisition and rehabilitation of the Armory — our goal is to drive private investment in Hudson’s thriving downtown.

How We Get There

The State has offered a Right of First Refusal to the Town of Hudson. The Town doesn’t want it for its own use, but it may nominate a local non-profit to pursue “acquisition” and use of the Armory. Various elected officials and Town employees have voiced support for the HCA’s pursuit of this project with the State. To keep this project moving forward, we need this support to be formalized. In short — we need the Town, via a vote by the Board of Selectmen, to help us get in the game.

  • Now


    BOS nominates HCA to pursue acquisition.

  • Late 2020 / Early 2021

    Armory is conveyed to the Town, via State legislation. Acquisition costs funded by HCA.


    Late 2020 / Early 2021

  • 2021


    Town Leases the Armory to the HCA, Rehabilitation Begins.

  • 2022 and Beyond

    The Armory is open and Hudson has a new Downtown Attraction!


    2022 and Beyond

We need the support of the Board of Selectmen.

We need your support to help make their decision an easy one.

If you want the Armory to remain within the Town’s control, we need your support.

If you want the Hudson Cultural Alliance to invest millions in Hudson’s downtown, we need your support.

How You Can Help

A pubic display of support is critical for this project to move forward. We need you to:

Contact our Board of Selectmen

Tell them that you support this project. If you like, use the message we’ve provided, here.

Join Us at Next Week’s BOS Meeting

Where:  Town Hall, 2nd floor

When:  Monday, February 24th @ 7pm

Thank you for your support!

We will provide updates of our progress. Please write to us with your suggestions, comments, volunteer efforts etc. Sign up for our newsletter, here:


We thank you for your support.

Board of Directors, Hudson Cultural Alliance