Arts at The Armory

Arts @ The Armory


At the August 12, 2019 Board of Selectmen meeting, the Hudson Business District (BID) announced that they were no longer actively seeking to repurpose the Armory for use as a performing arts center under the Town’s ownership. The BID recognizes the tremendous potential of this project but lacks the fundraising experience to move the project forward. As such, they backed away and offered to lend their support to another entity willing to take the lead in this endeavor. We, the Hudson Cultural Alliance have indeed stepped up, refined the scope of the project, set realistic time frames and fundraising targets, and received the Selectmen’s approval to continue working on the formal proposal to take ownership on behalf of the Town, which is now slated to be submitted to the State by December 31, 2019. The Armory opportunity is very much alive and we need your support.


Hudson Cultural Alliance

The Hudson Cultural Alliance is a 501(c)3, Hudson-based nonprofit.  We maintain the BID’s vision of bringing a community theater facility to Hudson. This is a multi-year project that will require a great deal of work from many parties.

In the near term, we are focused on acquiring the Armory and rehabilitating and adapting its Grand Hall for a range of uses, including performing arts, visual arts, exhibitions, and a host of community events. We estimate the cost of this phase (“Phase Two”) at $1.5M dollars, an investment which will position the Armory to be a revenue-generating, self-sufficient community asset.


What’s Next

The BID’s feasibility study showed overwhelming support for the arts center. It remains our goal to not burden Hudson taxpayers with any of the project’s costs, including the initial purchase cost. We are basing our projections totally on public and private donations. There are many grants – government and private – that may be available to us, and we will pursue them all.

The Hudson Cultural Alliance has 501(c)3 certification; all contributions are tax-deductible. We are actively seeking donations and sponsorships. We hope our greater community will actively support our efforts, both through donations and spreading the word to family and friends – we need funding.

We urge EVERYONE who recognizes the great benefit to the community this project affords to make your support known. Donations and/or pledges are welcome right now! Talk to friends and neighbors and family and bosses and local businesses and your bank to all participate in any way they can. Write letters of support to the Town and your State representatives. Help organize fundraisers. Send in any creative ideas to raise money. In short — become a friend of the HCA!

We will provide frequent updates of our progress. Please write to us with your suggestions, comments, volunteer efforts etc. Sign up for our newsletter, here:


We thank you for your support.

Board of Directors, Hudson Cultural Alliance


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